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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kikuyu obituary

Kikuyu obituary
The local newspaper funeral notice telephone operator received a phone call.
The woman on the other end asked, "How much do funeral notices cost?"
"5 shillings per word, Ma'am," came the response.
"Good, do you have a paper and pencil handy?"
"Yes, Ma'am."

"OK, write this: 'Mwangi died.'"

"I'm sorry, Ma'am; I forgot to tell you there's a five-word minimum."

"Hmmph," came the reply, "You certainly did forget to tell me that."

A moment of silence. "Got your pencil and paper?"

"Yes, Ma'am."
"OK, print this: 'Mwangi died, Toyota for sale.


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