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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Employee

A veteran employee begins training the newest employee at the supercenter. "To be a salesman you have to understand what the customer needs use that to your advantage."

In order to explain this better the veteran decides to show him. He walks up to a man buying a new lawnmower and ask if he'd like to buy some grass seed and fertilizer too. The customer obliges and a sale that would have been 200 dollars became 250.

The new employee thinks he understands and proceeds to find a customer and make a sale.

Later that afternoon the veteran ask what the biggest sales gain he had was. The young man says that the sale was origionally 10 dollars but increased to 260 dollars.

Dumfounded the veteran asked how he did it. "well", says the kid,"a man walked in to buy a box of tampons. I told him that his weekend looked shot so he should mow the lawn."


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