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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Play Where it Lies

2 duffers were standing at the first tee , agreeing to play the ball as it lay for the round. The first golfer hit a beautiful tee shot 250 yards down the middle of the fairway. The second golfer was not so lucky, shanking his shot dead right with the ball coming to rest dead center on the cartpath.

“I get free relief from the cartpath”, the second golfer said. “Like hell you do,” said the first golfer, “We’re playing it as it lies, remember?” So they hop in the cart, and the second golfer drops the first in the middle of th fairway at his ball. Then he heads over to the cartpath to hit his shot.

The first golfer, looking back, begins to laugh to himself as he sees the first golfer making a nice amount of sparks on the concrete as he took his practice swing. Then with another array of sparks, the first golfer nails his shot straight at the green. The ball lands softly and stops three feet from the pin. Then he casually gets in the cart and drives back to the first golfer. “Great shot”, says the first golfer. “What club did you use?”

The second golfer smiles and says, “Your six iron”.


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