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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dhaluo in First Class

An illiterate Jaluo woman and her husband boarded a planefrom Kisumu
to Nairobi . They were booked for economy class seats to witness the
searing in of their son as Minister in Raila's Government..................

Just after the plane took-off the woman stood up and went to sit in the
first class cabin where she had seen an empty seat. The flight
attendant went to ask her to go back and sit in economy class because
that's where the ticket allowed her to sit but she refused. Mitoto yake takuwa
Minister and she wanted the best seat.

Then the attendant informed the Jnr. pilot. The Jnr.pilot went and
spoke with the lady and she still refused. Then the Jnr. pilot went to
inform the chief pilot. The chief pilot said, I am married to an illiterate
from Alego, I'll go and talk to her Dholuo.

The chief went and whispered some words to the woman she said "YAWA
OMERA" and she peacefully stood-up and went to her economy class seat.

The attendant and Jnr. pilot surprisingly asked, sir what did you tell
her? The chief pilot said: Easy guys, I just told her that first class
is not going to Nairobi , only economy class is ! ! !


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