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Saturday, April 05, 2008

The worsed day of my life?...

John went to a pub, noticed a neighbour with a glass and in deep thought. 5 beers down, the neighbour had not sipped from his glass and so, John decides to make a joke out of that.

He goes to the table, picks the glass and drains the content into his stomach. Looking sad, the neighbour grumbles but before he could talk, John offers to buy him 3 beers. the neighbour shakes his head and say:

"That is not the problem, john. This morning, i woke up really late and when i got to work, i got fired. leaving the office after packing my stuff, i go to the parking lot and my car was stolen. I walk home and guess what meets me? my wife making love to the gatekeeper on the sofa. As if that is not enough for one day, you come here and just drink up all my suicide poison!"

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