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Monday, June 30, 2008

Would you think this fast ?

A houseboy by the name "Bakari" used to drink his masters wine when he was away and added water to blind fold him.
He went on with this habit until one day the boss noticed that his wine wasn't pure n reactive as he was familiar with it! To prove guilt, the boss dint want to accuse his house boy without evidence. And so he set his trap to catch the mischeivous wine thief.
With his scientific knowledge, he added some crystals of calcium to his wine n this time left it open to be a well set trap.
Little had he stepped out of his residence than the "mischievous houseboy" took his usual move. After all, was he not smart to remember that he was to add water after drinking it? and of course leave it open and in place as it was?
The boss was back, n unlike other days when he found his usual diluted wine to quench his thirst, he found a bottle of a milky solution n of course had a perfect evidence.

This was their conversation
Boss : Bakari!
Bakari : Yes Boss!
Boss : Who drinks my wine when am not around?!
(No answer)
Boss :Am asking who drinks my wine when am not around?!
(No answer)
Bakari :(comes from the kitchen and tells his boss)Boss, you know when you r in the kitchen you can't hear anything apart from your name.
Boss :(out of anger)What! Since when? Am going to the kitchen, n you stand here. N let's see if my wife in the bedroom won't listen to my answers.
Bakari: (Taking the boss position)Boss!
Boss : Yes Bakari!
Bakari: Who goes to the maids bedroom when madam is away?!
(No answer)
Bakari: Am asking who made the maid pregnant?!
(No answer)
The boss came out of the kitchen afraid of hearing more of it! He told bakari "It is true that when you r in the kitchen you only here your name and nothing else."


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