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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

You Don't Hear Anything At All

Mulwa is a house boy who every day drinks the wine of his Boss and puts water in the bottle to replace what he drank. But the Boss having suspicions as for the quality of the wine, he decides to buy pastis (a French wine that changes colour if you add water).
Mulwa as usual, takes a mouthful and add water to replace what he drank However, soon after he added water the pastis became milky.
When the Boss came back and noticed it, he was sure he had managed to nail Mulwa as thief!!! At that same moment Mulwa realized he was in trouble and decided to go into the kitchen.
The Boss told his wife ' Mary, you will see today,he will be obliged to acknowledge ' . So he calls Mulwa.
He shouted: ' Mulwa! ' .
Mulwa answered: ' Yes, Boss ' .
Boss: ' Who drank my pastis? ' . No answer.
The Boss reiterated his question: ' Who drank my wine? ' Still; No answer.
Then the Boss went to fetch Mulwa from the kitchen and says to him:
You insane or what? Why when I call you, you say yes boss ' but when I ask you a question you don ' t answer me?
Mulwa retorted that ' It is that boss, when you are in the kitchen there, you don ' t hear anything at all, except the name.
Then to prove that Mulwa lies, the Boss says to him: ' You stay beside Madam here, me I go in the kitchen, and you ask me a question ' . Mulwa accepted and the Boss went in the kitchen.
Mulwa shouted: ' Boss ' .
He answered: ' Yes, Mulwa ' .
Mulwa continued: ' Who goes in the maid bedroom when the Madam is not here? ' . No answer.
Mulwa shouted again: ' Boss, I say who made the maid pregnant? ' No answer.
Mulwa shouted again (third time): ' Boss, I say who made the maid pregnant? '
The Boss returns from the kitchen running and says, Mulwa; it is true, you are right. When one is in the kitchen, one does not hear anything, only the name!


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