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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jalou Berrrrrr

My friends, being a luo isnt easy, its an an art we must live up to!. No matter where you are...u must be U! please take note of the titles below and use them as etiquette demands

How Luos call them....

Gardener - Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist
House Maid - Domestic Operations Specialist
Typist - Printed Document Handler
Messenger - Business Communications Conveyer
Window Cleaner - Transparent Wall Technician
Temporary Teacher - Associate Tutor
Tea Boy - Refreshments Overseer
Garbage Collector - Public Sanitation Technician
Watchman - Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer
Thief - Wealth Distribution Officer
Driver - Automobile Propulsion Specialist
Receptionist - Office Access Control Specialist
Cook - Food Preparation Officer
Bartender - Certified Liquor Specialist
Housewife - Permanent Secretary- Home Affairs


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