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Monday, October 10, 2011

Just for Laughs

And you wonder why the characters in Tahidi High never finish high school!

1. Kamilisha methali hii: Akili ni nywele…

a) Ujinga ni weave

b) Wazimu ni mohawk

c) Kipara ni ngoto

...d) Matuta ni msoto

2. What does Yash Pal Ghai's daughter call her father? - Ghai Fafa!

3. What did Moses say when he saw the burning bush? HELLO-MOTO!

4. What is the opposite of Wetangula – Dryangula

5. Name one place in Kenya where you will find coffee and sugarcane growing. - Kahawa Sukari.

6. Kamilisha methali ifuatayo .... 'Usipoziba woofer , utachoma pia amplifier '

7. Which one of these is not a soap?

a) Esmeralda

b) Days of Our Lives

c) Geisha

d) La Mujer

e)Soy Tu Duena

8. Give an appropriate answer to the following Question: 'Otherwise?'

9. If Moses was a Rastafarian and saw the burning bush,what could he have said?

a) Mo faya

b) Better dan dem


d) Blo! Blo! Blo


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